vatiarda (vatiarda) wrote,

[Karaoke-ROM] Tegomass's Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song @ Tegomass 4th Live

*salah bahasa*

So this is my 4th project and it's take too long time for make this karaoke since I decide to make full karaoke for tegomass 4th live XD
I really want to make that come true, buutt I'm too lazy for making the karaoke timing XD ah but it's really fun for making the kfx XD even if I don't really understand the code :"

RAW: 9kinds
Lyric: someone in google
Link: MEGA 74MB

Nambahin dikit arti bahasa indonesia pas tego ngomong dan itu hasil kesotoyan XD

*sorry for any error and mistake, I'm newbie for making karaoke..
I own nothing but timing...

*please don't reupload to streaming site*

sorry for really bad bad bad english ;---;
Tags: concert, download, karaoke, sub:tegomass


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