vatiarda (vatiarda) wrote,

[Karaoke-ROM] Tegomass's Hikari @ Tegomass 4th Live

I learn how to use aegisub now and I try to make a karaoke video. I search the tutorial, but I don't understand how to make a karaoke effect, I just found how to make karaoke and get the effect from youtube :(
I have more free time so I think what can I do?
So this is my first project(?) XD
Keisengan pada saat uas berlangsung

RAW: someone in weibo
Lyric: somewhere in google
Karaoke effect: someone in youtube
Link: MEGA

I own nothing but timing...

Next project I think HSJ's Chau# if I'm not lazy XD
*please not to upload to streaming site*

Ini konser bisa dibilang sederhana si, panggungnya cuman didepan dan liveband..
Tapi ya ttep aja keren trus pengen..

Tags: download, gp:news, karaoke, pv, sub:tegomass

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