vatiarda (vatiarda) wrote,

[Karaoke-ROM] Tegomass's Aoi Bench @ Tegomass 4th Live

So, this is my second project(?)
I say that I want make karaoke for HSJ's Chau, but someone alreade make it, so I make another one..
I make this song first because I really like this part from their concert..
They don't use a mic and the music perfome just with guitar and pianika(?)..
I thought that tegoshi want to cry and I already cry listen to this song T___T

RAW: 9kinds
Lyric: someone in google
Link: MEGA

*sorry for any error and mistake, I'm newbie for making karaoke..

I own nothing but timing...

I want to make karaoke version for all song in tegomass 4th live if I'm not lazy XD
*please not to upload to streaming site*

Tags: concert, download, gp:news, karaoke, sub:tegomass

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